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Why should I buy a repairable vehicle?
How do I get my repairable vehicle home?
How do I find parts or a reputable dealer to help me fix it?
What does a salvage title mean?
What do I need to do next?
Q: What is a repairable?
A: Repairables are insurance claim vehicles that have been involved in a claim such a collision, flood, fire, theft, etc. Insurance companies or state agencies sell the damaged or, sometimes, undamaged vehicles to repairables dealers who, in turn, sell them to consumers for many thousands of dollars below the retail price.
With minimal (or sometimes no) effort, these vehicles can be returned to operational condition in a short period of time. Although some repairables do require time and know-how to repair to meet state safety requirements, consumers almost always get a great value and cost savings by purchasing repairables.
Q: Why should I buy a repairable vehicle?
A: Repairables are almost always bought at considerable discounts. Even with the added cost of repairs, the price is often thousands less than that of comparable new or used vehicles. With today’s rising gas prices and other economic pressures, an auto repairable offers a sensible alternative for savvy consumers, who can either fix it themselves or hire a professional to provide the needed repairs.
For “do-it-yourselfers,” an auto repairable project can provide a rewarding activity and sense of pride. For consumers concerned with the environment, auto repairables are a great way to recycle and reduce waste.
Q: How do I get my repairable vehicle home?
A: Sellers often help make arrangements to deliver the vehicle to the buyer. In some cases, vehicles can actually be driven home, depending on the amount of damage, titling and safety regulations in the state of purchase and travel. Be sure to operate all vehicles in accordance with state regulations and laws at all times. Click here for links to state-sponsored information. [link to list of state links]
Q: How do I find parts or a reputable dealer to help me fix it?
A: Finding great delas on quality used auto parts is easy. You can select from the many top-notch service providers who are part of our Repairables Directory. [link to Repairables Directory] They are the most friendly and courteous service professionals in the business and are here to assist you with the process of getting your damaged vehicles back on the road at minimal cost.
Q: What does a salvage title mean?
A: A salvage title is issued when a vehicle has been declared a total loss (through a collision, flood, fire, theft, etc.) by an insurance carrier. The salvage title is necessary in order to dispose of or sell the vehicle to a dealer. If a vehicle with a salvage title is repaired and passes inspection, it can be re-titled in most states for use on the road.
Q: What do I need to do next?
A: Once the vehicle is fixed, an authorized mechanic will need to inspect the work and your state Department of Motor Vehicles will need to certify it is road-worthy. Each state has its own reconstruction procedures so check with the DMV to be sure. [link to state regulations.] If it passes, the vehicle will be issued a “reconstructed” title for registration and insurance purposes.