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If you’re reading this it’s because you want to save money on buying a car. But keep one thing in mind while reading this page; you don’t have to be a mechanic to save money on buying a damaged car.
“Repairables” are vehicles sold at a fraction of the retail cost and are restored back to a road ready state. Now we will show you how to find the repairable car – get the parts to restore the car – and how to get it fixed…Here’s How It Works.
Finding The Repairable You Want.
Searching by year make & model is the easy part. The next step is understanding what needs to be repaired. Our dealers will often indicate in their description what the cars needs in order to be fixed, so look for things like “front end” or “side impact damage” etc...
After you find a great deal on a car, we recommend that you call the seller or dealer of the vehicle and ask any questions that you may have prior to buying the vehicle. They will say things like “needs new hood, new tail light” etc. This will help when you have your autobody technician fix the vehicle.
Getting The Parts.
Once you’ve found the repairable you want, we've made it easy to find the parts you need to repair the vehicle. Along with repairablers, this website offers Now Parting Out listings that will assist in matching up the parts you need with the exact make and model of the vehicle you plan on purchasing. This means our auto part suppliers will most likely have or can locate everything you need to fix your repairable. The best part is that when you buy direct from them, instead of a mechanic, your saving even more money.
How To Get It Fixed.
Doing it your-self is obviously the most cost effective. But you can still save plenty of money on a repairable buy hiring an autobody shop to do the work for you. Since you’re purchasing the parts yourself you simply need to price shop for the best labor.
Do A Final Comparison Before Putting Your Plan In Motion.
Now that you have all the information on the cost of buying the repairable, getting the parts and finding a great labor rate for repair. You know your total investment. If you truly want to know if your saving money; research what that vehicle would normally sell for…we think you’ll see how worthwhile buying a repairable can be.
Good Hunting.
The Team @